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Family dental care in 72764

July 11, 2017
Posted By: Faith Family Dental

At Faith Family Dental, our 72764 dentist handles family dental care and dental care for both adults and children. You’ll be happy you brought your entire family to our offices for the best dental service in Springdale. Our dentist, Dr. Ami, is a graduate of the University of Alabama and has served many communities, and is especially experienced helping those who have disabilities and the Latino community.

We handle all aspects of family dentistry for you, from children’s exams to teen orthodontics to adult teeth restorative services. Our orthodontics are designed to straighten teeth and correct misalignments with teeth and bites. Crooked teeth can be harder to keep clean as food and debris can get into the crevices and be hard to reach with regular brushing and flossing. Crooked teeth are also more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay, causing the need for fillings and root canals. Our 72764 dentist is able to essentially create orthodontics that will gently and perfectly even out yours or your children’s teeth and help them get into place again with traditional orthodontics. Or, for those who prefer their braces not to be seen, we can provide Invisalign braces, which are effective, clear plastic aligners that gently move teeth into position over time with a system that swaps out the aligners for the next phase every two weeks.

We perform teeth whitening as well for those patients who are looking to whiten and brighten their smiles. Because of staining and substances that can yellow teeth, as people get older their teeth tend to lose their luster. Coffee, red wine and nicotine can all have a harsh effect on teeth. The solution is teeth whitening, a gentle and safe procedure that our 72764 dentist can perform in our offices in just a few visits. Or, ask about our take home whitening procedure and formulas for comfortable, convenient at home whitening.

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