Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Examination is a process in which Dr. Ami and team take necessary records to provide a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. This will include:

Cavity Exam: During this visual examination, Dr. Ami locates areas of decay on chewing surfaces and between teeth. Dr. Ami uses both a clinical exam and x-ray (radiographic) findings to determine the most conservative treatment plan for your oral needs.

Gum/Periodontal Examination: Gum disease is oftentimes a silent disease but happens to be the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. The key signs that you may have gum disease are: bleeding gums, bad breath, swollen and tender gums, gums that are red in color instead of pink, and gums that are sliding or “receeding” down away from the neck of the tooth which causes root exposure. If you have one or more of these signs, you will need an immediate appointment for an evaluation and treatment. Our staff will examine your gum tissues to insure that gum disease is detected in its early stages.

The type of treatment that will be needed will be determined after we perform a full gum evaluation by way of measuring your gums with a special measuring device that acts like a ruler called a probe. Based on these measurements and the bone levels that we can see on the x-rays, we will then be able to advise you if you need a “basic cleaning” known as a prophylaxis or a “deep cleaning” known as scaling and root planning. If after your gum evaluation we determine that you have advanced gum disease, a deep cleaning will be required to treat your gum disease instead of a basic cleaning.

Because the presence of gum disease is a significant consideration in determining the outcome of other dental procedures (especially cosmetic dental treatment) and can affect your overall health, we take the health of your gum and bone tissue very seriously. If you have advanced gum disease, we may recommend ARESTIN®, a special antibiotic used to treat the gums. ARESTIN® is placed right underneath the gums at the site of the gum infection to help kill the bacteria. We also carry the necessary home care products such as electric toothbrushes and WaterPik flossers, to help you maintain optimum oral health between dental visits.