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Dental care for all ages in Springdale AR

July 10, 2017
Posted By: Faith Family Dental

If you are looking for a top-notch dentist who can provide dental care for all ages, we hope you will visit us at Faith Family Dental. When you need expert family dental care Springdale AR, you will be happy with the care and treatment you receive from our highly trained dentist, Dr. Ami Agbabli.

We are very happy to provide the finest family dental care Springdale AR to families, and treat patients of all ages. At our practice, we offer the very best family, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. You can be sure when you come to us for dental care that you will receive outstanding aesthetic results, as well as have an even healthier mouth. We provide many different services including: cosmetic bonding and recontouring; dental fillings; root canal treatments; tooth extractions; and fixed or removable bridges. We also offer an enamel wear exam to determine if you are developing any problems from tooth grinding or TMJ problems. We also offer dental sealants to protect the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars. The dental sealants are actually painted on to the tooth and will fill in the pits and grooves that are often found in children’s teeth. This will keep any dental plaque from adhering to your child’s teeth, and will make it very difficult for any acids to eat through your child’s tooth enamel. We also provide many different cosmetic dental services including teeth straightening using Invisalign invisible braces. Patients enjoy treatment with Invisalign because it allows them to have their smile straightened without needing to be embarrassed by ever having to wear metal wires and brackets on their teeth. If you have a tooth that is damaged and is running the risk of being lost, our dentist can provide a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Or, if you have a wisdom tooth that is causing tooth pain, or have a tooth that needs to be extracted for another reason, our dentist can perform this service for you.

To see our dentist for family dental care Springdale AR, contact us today.

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