Faith Family Dental

Dr. Ami Agbabli, DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Ami grew up in Togo, West-Africa before coming to America to pursue higher education. Since her childhood, Dr. Ami shows a keen interest in people’s well-being and always knew she was called to the profession of healthcare. After graduating from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, she entered Meharry Medical School in Nashville, TN where she earns her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Since graduating, Dr. Ami has worked in multiple dental offices. She has served in all kinds of communities, and is the most proud of the services she rendered with the undeserved community, people with disabilities and inmates in correctional facilities.

Currently residing in Rogers, Dr. Ami and her small family  are very active in the NWA community and beyond. Dr. Ami loves serving on dental missions and takes her 3 C’s philosophy (Caring Compassionate Committed) with her around the world to help those in need. She also enjoys running, fashion, and spicy foods. Dr. Ami speaks English, French, and love practicing Spanish with her patients.

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